If you are not able to find the information you are looking for in our FAQs, please contact Customer Service at 866-882-2265 or customerservice@citizensbank24.com.
ScoreCard Rewards is a rewards program offering points for qualifying purchases.  Points can be redeemed for a variety of items, such as merchandise, airfare, hotels, travel packages, and more (each, an "award").
From citizensbank24.com click on Login.  Click on the drop down menu next to Bank-by-Net and select ScoreCard Rewards or visit the site scorecardrewards.com.  You will need to set up your profile with a username and password.  You will also be asked to set up some security questions and answers for password retrieval.  Once you create your profile you will log in with your username and password.  You may browse the rewards site by clicking on the "Browse Catalog' link from the ScoreCards login page.  Point balance and redemption capabilities are not available in the browse feature of the site.  
Points balances are always available on scorecardrewards.com or you may call Citizens Bank Customer Service at 866-882-2265.
Simply use your ScoreCard Rewards Debit Mastercard for qualifying Signature-Based “credit” purchase transactions and receive 1 point for each $2 spent. Or, use your ScoreCard Rewards Citizens Bank Visa for qualifying  purchase transactions and receive 1 point for each $1 spent.  A qualifying purchase (“Qualifying Transaction”) shall mean: (i) a transaction that is charged to an eligible consumer account covered by the Program (“Account”), and (ii) a transaction that appears on Your statement during the Program period. Points are deducted for returns. No Points are earned for finance charges, fees, cash advances, convenience checks, ATM withdrawals, foreign transaction currency conversion charges or insurance charges posted to Your Account.
Yes,   After a minimum number of points, you will be able to use a sliding scale to indicate the amount of cash needed for the purchase.
You may order awards anytime during the Program as long as your account is in good standing (that is, not delinquent, in default, closed, canceled, blocked, suspended or otherwise inactive and not available for use as a source of funding) and you have enough Points to redeem the requested award.
For merchandise awards you can order merchandise awards using the online shopping feature at www.scorecardrewards.com.  You can also call customer service at 800-854-0790.  You may also print an order form from www.scorecardrewards.com.  Simply complete the form, including all information requested, and mail to the address printed on the form.  Travel awards, airline tickets, vacation packages, and cruises may be ordered by calling and speaking with a Travel Services representative.  You may also use the online travel booking site to obtain select air awards.  In addition, you may purchase additional airline tickets and make car and hotel reservations online.  If you prefer, Travel Services Representatives can assist with booking both purchased as well as redeemed awards travel items.  
Yes, We do allow users to combine their credit and debit card points and/ or combine cards from others in their household.