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Your Go-To Glossary of Borrowing Terms
September 2021
Amortization, APR, ARMs – the world of borrowing can be overwhelming with too many choices and too much jargon. Here at Citizens Bank, we’re ready to provide the guidance you need to make smart borrowing decisions. Let’s start by demystifying seven borrowing terms you’re likely to hear.

Ransomware Attacks: What Business Owners Should KnowSeptember 2021
This year, businesses around the globe will lose billions of dollars to ransomware – a rapidly growing form of cybercrime that especially targets small and medium-sized enterprises. Here at Citizens Bank, we know how important it is for businesses of all sizes and types to stay informed and take steps to protect their money, data, and teams. Read on to learn what exactly ransomware is, the risks it presents, and how you can be prepared.