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5 Ways to Teach Your Children About Money
April 2022

Are you talking to your kids about money? If your answer is “not much,” you’re far from alone. According to a recent CNBC survey, many parents avoid discussing financial matters with their children. And a lot of these moms and dads say it’s because they’re not knowledgeable enough or because they haven’t always practiced the best financial habits themselves. But you don’t have to be an expert to show your kids how money works – and if you’ve made mistakes, just consider those teachable moments!

Estate Planning for Small Business Owners
April 2022

Estate planning for small business owners usually requires thorough discussions with financial advisors, lawyers, accountants, colleagues, and family. But you can get started now by thinking over these five basic steps.


5 Debit and Credit Card Perks You May Not Be Using
April 2022

Credit and debit cards are secure and convenient ways to pay for everyday purchases and bigger-ticket items, whether you’re shopping instore or online. But are you taking full advantage of the benefits that your cards offer? Here are five credit and debit card perks you may be missing out on.

Smart Ways to Use Your Home Equity
January 2022

Residential real estate values are rising from coast to coast, and interest rates are near historic lows. This is great news for homeowners. Tapping into your home’s value with a home equity loan (HELoan) or home equity line of credit (HELOC) can be a great strategy for paying for your next big life goal or enhancing your overall financial standing.

Credit Building Tips for Young Adults
January 2022

Your credit can have a major impact on your life goals. Milestones like buying a car, owning a home, and paying off debts can depend on your creditworthiness. While it’s never too late build credit, it’s ideal if you can begin when you’re still young. Let’s look at how credit scores and reports work, how they can affect your borrowing ability, and some tips for establishing and boosting your credit.

4 Best Practices for Lean Business Operations
November 2021

Businesses of all sizes and types are now embracing the lean business models that revolutionized the manufacturing industry in the 20th century. Lean operational philosophies focus on the ongoing improvement of activities across the value stream to reduce inefficiencies and deliver maximum value to the customer. By continually optimizing practices that are effective and eliminating those that aren’t, small businesses can also save on operating costs, increase team productivity and morale, and provide better project visibility for stakeholders.

7 Energy-Saving Tips for Homeowners
November 2021
Wintertime is on its way. And while East Tennessee’s climate may be relatively mild, the changing of the seasons presents an opportunity to consider some home improvements that could cut your energy costs. Here are seven project ideas that could save you money, add comfort and value to your home, and help planet Earth.
Strategies to Improve Your Business Financials
October 2021
For any business, the efficient use of funds is key to success. To support performance, business operators should periodically take a bird's-eye view of financial activity, including all revenue streams, expenditures, and capital reserves. By examining how each factor contributes to your overall financial picture, you'll be in a better position to optimize your operations and implement long-term growth strategies. 

Is It Better To Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate?
October 2021
As businesses continue to grow through expansion and diversification, so does their need for more space. Whether it’s office space, retail space, warehouse space, or some combination thereof, there are many options to consider. While you’ll often hear that the three most important factors in real estate are “location, location, location,” understanding the advantages and risks of leasing and buying commercial property can be equally important. As with most things in business, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – it all depends on your firm’s particular capacities and goals.
Your Go-To Glossary of Borrowing Terms
September 2021
Amortization, APR, ARMs – the world of borrowing can be overwhelming with too many choices and too much jargon. Here at Citizens Bank, we’re ready to provide the guidance you need to make smart borrowing decisions. Let’s start by demystifying seven borrowing terms you’re likely to hear.

Ransomware Attacks: What Business Owners Should KnowSeptember 2021
This year, businesses around the globe will lose billions of dollars to ransomware – a rapidly growing form of cybercrime that especially targets small and medium-sized enterprises. Here at Citizens Bank, we know how important it is for businesses of all sizes and types to stay informed and take steps to protect their money, data, and teams. Read on to learn what exactly ransomware is, the risks it presents, and how you can be prepared.