Citizens Bank makes it easy to pay your bills from anywhere, anytime, through our Bank-By-Net digital banking platform. Here, you’ll find more information about registering for online bill pay, setting up recurring electronic payments, making P2P payments to friends and family, and more. Need more help? Contact Customer Service at 866-882-2265 or

Bill Pay works through Bank-by-Net to provide payments to businesses as well as individuals. You can pay merchants that accept electronic payments with rapid transfers, or can pay other merchants with an automatically prepared and mailed paper check.
Yes, you can schedule weekly, semi-monthly and monthly recurring payments.  The final payment of a recurring payment scheme is designated by a final payment date.  
Bill Pay is easy.  Login to Bank-by-Net and go to the Bill Pay Tab.  The first time you attempt to access the bill pay section of Online Banking, you will be prompted to begin online registration.  You are first requested to read and accept the authorization disclosure.  Failure to accept the disclosure terms prevents the registration process from proceeding.  
When you update the information for the Bill Pay account, the changes are implemented virtually instantaneously. 
You can schedule payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Payments are processed each business day at 3:00 p.m. EST.
All Bill Pay transactions become part of the Online Banking transaction history.  Electronic transfers will show up immediately while checks will be shown when cashed by the payee. 
You can add payees by accessing the Add Payee screen.  New payees will be added to the payee list immediately.  
If you select an electronic payee with an address that is different from that indicated on the payment coupon, then you are responsible for the late fee.  You always have the option to manually enter a different address for a payee.  
A payment may be edited or deleted anytime before the process date at 3:00 pm ET.  Payments that have been remitted electronically cannot be stopped.  If the payment was remitted to the payee by check, you may place a stop payment on the check if it has not cleared your account.  Check stop payment requests are subject to applicable fees and charges as provided in the agreement and disclosures governing your account.
Citizens Bank provides consumer accounts basic Bill Pay at no charge.  However, if premium services such as rush delivery are selected,  a fee could apply.   Business Bill Pay is available with a monthly fee.  
Yes, Bill Pay can be used to pay another person.  You are able to initiate a text or email to the person to be paid from the system along with the amount to be paid.  When the person receives the text or email, they enter their account information and the payment is normally deposited to their account in 2-5 days.