ATM/Debit Card Event 3/25/2024

On Sunday morning March 24, criminals targeted Citizens Bank ATMs to make withdrawals using fraudulent cards. Citizens Bank systems have NOT been “hacked” or compromised. A limited number of cards were used by the perpetrators that were created using customer card data obtained in the past through a process called “skimming” whereby a card reading device is illegally installed on point-of-sale (POS) terminals, fuel pumps, or ATMs to capture data and/or record cardholders' PINs.
Citizens Bank has taken immediate action and is contacting affected customers, deactivating compromised cards, and promptly re-depositing funds to customer accounts associated with unauthorized ATM withdrawals. We are communicating with law enforcement and providing information that may assist them with identifying and apprehending the perpetrators. We continue to monitor for suspicious activity on customer accounts. Customers who suspect unauthorized card transactions should contact the bank by calling us at 866-882-2265 or submitting a message using the Contact Us form.
Citizens Bank encourages customers to be alert to suspicious devices at gas pumps, card readers or ATMs which could potentially be a skimming device. If a card reader looks suspicious, do not use it and notify the owner. If a customer has used multiple cards (and not just Citizens Bank cards) at an affected merchant or reader, the potential exists for those cards to become compromised. We encourage all customers to review your account activity often using your financial institution’s mobile app or online banking and report any suspicious activity immediately. Best practices include setting up transaction alerts for all cards to timely monitor activity.