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Credit and debit cards are secure and convenient ways to pay for everyday purchases and bigger-ticket items, whether you’re shopping instore or online. But are you taking full advantage of the benefits that your cards offer? Here are five credit and debit card perks you may be missing out on:

  1. Rewards

With a card like Citizens Bank’s Visa® Platinum Card or Debit Mastercard®, you earn ScoreCard™ rewards points with qualifying purchases. These points accumulate over time and can be redeemed for gift cards, travel, sporting goods, electronics, housewares, and more. If you have multiple qualifying cards, you can combine points to get rewards faster, and if you don’t have enough points for the reward you want, you may be able to purchase extra points to make up the difference.

  1. Travel Services

If you’re earning ScoreCard™ points, not only can you redeem your points for travel expenses like airfare, hotels, and car rentals, but you can also get help with booking your trip. Just call 1-800-854-0790 and speak to one of their travel agents. Additionally, if you have a higher-level Visa® card, you may have access to an expanded suite of travel benefits, including VIP hotel upgrades, roadside assistance, trip delay reimbursement, emergency medical services, rental car coverage, and access to a concierge.

  1. Digital Features

All of Citizen’s Banks credit and debit cards are digital wallet-ready to make checkouts even swifter. With a digital wallet, your payment and shipping information is stored in your Apple or Android device. You can load your card to make fast and safe tap-and-go payments at any store with enabled terminals, as well as any participating online merchant. Plus, with tools like CitizensBank24 – Mobile, you can set spending limits, get instant alerts, pay bills from your home or office, and more.

  1. Budgeting Tools

Are you one of the majority of Americans who has no idea how much they spent last month? If you use your credit or debit card for most purchases, it’s easy to use a free budgeting tool to keep track of your spending and optimize your cashflow. Whether you’d prefer a simple mobile app that will automatically categorize your expenses or a more powerful program with functionalities for investors and business owners, your card is your key to numerous useful options.

  1. Hidden Gems

Debit and credit cards have lots of other features that often go unnoticed. With a Citizen’s Bank Debit Mastercard®, you have access to around-the-clock customer assistance that can provide emergency cash advances and help locating ATMs anywhere around the globe. With any Citizens Bank Visa® Platinum Card, you can get perks like cruise spending credits, discounted legal services, employee pricing on computer hardware, complimentary hotel breakfasts, reduced golf course fees, and much more. Consult the Mastercard® and Visa® websites for details.

More to Discover

Citizens Bank is proud to offer a suite of credit and debit card solutions to fit every budget and lifestyle. We’ll help you make the choice that’s right for you and use it to the best advantage. Click here to find a nearby branch, or click here to contact us online.