Skip the drive-thru and use an ATM with the Express Banker Services.  Our video banking offers the convenience of an ATM with the assistance of a personal banker - just touch the screen.
ATMs with Express Banker Services provide clients with the ability to create transactions beyond the traditional ATM with or without the assistance of a video personal banker through video support. 
Yes.  ATMs with Express Banker Services have several security features that allow for customer authentication.  In addition, there are parameters set in place to prevent potential fraud.

ATMs with Express Banker Services can process several different types of banking transactions:

Cash Withdrawal
Cash and Check Deposit*
Transfer Funds
Loan Payments
Cash Checks
Balance Inquiries

*Deposit limits and other restrictions may apply.  Refer to your account documents for details and limitations in determining the availability of your account.  

Outdoor  ATMs with Express Banker Services are used much like an ATM when you begin a session.  You'll enter your debit card and pin or account number to get stated.  Indoor ATMs with Express Banker Services allow customers to access their accounts using their account number, social security number, or debit card.  The indoor and outdoor ATMs with Express Banker Services look different - outdoor machines look more like an ATM while the indoor models have a larger screen.
Outdoor ATM service is available 24/7, but connecting with an a personal banker through the ATM with Express Banker Services is limited to Monday through Friday 7AM - 8PM and on Saturday 8AM - 2PM excluding bank observed holidays.
When you request help or have a transaction that requires approval, you'll be connected with one of our personal bankers through video support who are located at one of our offices.
Yes! Non-customers are able to use ATMs with Express Banker Services just as they would a normal ATM.  They can also cash checks drawn off of a Citizens Bank account, but they will require assistance from a personal banker to do so.  Please note check amount must be compatible to denominations held by the ATM.
Yes, When conducting a cash withdrawal, select your bills or choose from options like "fewest bills" or "mixed bills."