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Platinum benefits are available to all customers that maintain the following relationship with Citizens Bank.  Customers must have a Citizens Personal Checking account with balances over $1000.00 and1) total person combined deposits of $40,000 or 2) combined person deposits and loans of $75,000 excluding credit cards or 3) $250,000 in combined business deposits and loans excluding credit cards and including business loans personally guaranteed by the customer as of last qualification date or 4) $100,000 or greater with Raymond James at Citizens Investment Services* at the time of review to receive benefits.1  Periodically, you will receive mailers with exciting special offers in addition to the benefits listed below. qualifications are subject to change.

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  • All ATM fees or surcharges automatically reimbursed when using your Citizens Debit MasterCard® anywhere worldwide. 2
  • 0.25% Bonus on New CDs with terms 12 months or greater (excluding specials).
  • 0.50% Discount on New Personal Installment Loans with auto-draft from your Citizens Bank Checking Account (0.25% Discount on these Loan types without auto-draft from a Citizens Bank Checking Account).
  • No Closing Costs on any New Home Equity Line of Credit.3
  • 50% Off Origination Fee on closed-end in-house Mortgages4
  • Free Select Designer Checks.
  • Increased DebitMasterCard® ATM daily withdrawal limits for travel or large purchases, higher temporary Debit MasterCard® ATM daily withdrawal limits are available.
  • No Fee Money Orders or Cashier's Checks.
  • 50% Discount on one Safe Deposit Box (subject to availability).

Accounts must be in good standing. Benefits and qualifications are subject to change. Eligibility determined on a periodic basis. This determination will take place every 3-6 months. Customers will be notified upon activation of Platinum benefits.
Fee reimbursement does not apply to ATM transactions using a card in the name of a non-Platinum customer tied to you account.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may vary and is based on an index plus margin.  As of October 25, 2023, the APR is 8.50% - 10.50% and the daily periodic rate is .02328767% - .002876712%.  The maximum APR is 18%.  The margin used to determine the APR is based on borrower's credit score and is established prior to closing.  The minimum Line of Credit is $10,000.  The maximum  combined loan-to-value including all loans secured by the property is 80%.  Property insurance is required.  Subject to property and credit approval.  Some restrictions apply.
Offer excludes secondary market loans.  Subject to property and credit approval. Some restrictions apply.
Benefits are subject to change.