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  • No Overdraft Fees for overdraft transactions of $5 or less1

  • CitizensBank24- Mobile with EZ Deposit Mobile 3

  • Bank-By-Net Online Banking

  • Online Bill Pay and Person-to-Person Payments

  • Debit MasterCard® with ScoreCard Rewards ! 2

  • Available CB Overdraft Services 8

  • Access to  ATMs with Express Banker Services at select locations

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CB Standard Checking Features

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ATM Rebates

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No Charge For Select Designer Checks

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Earns Interest

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Monthly Service Charge $0 with E-Statement or Direct Deposit(must post & clear during statement cycle),or $5 without


$0 with E-Statement
$7 without E-Statement

$0 if balance requirements are met 7 , otherwise $15


Opening Deposit





Ask about Platinum Benefits!
Ask about Platinum Benefits!
Ask about Platinum Benefits!
Ask about Platinum Benefits!

Ask about Platinum Benefits!

Keep either 9 :

  1. Combined personal deposits of $40,000 or 
  2. Combined personal deposits and loans of $75,000 or
  3. $100,000 with Raymond James at Citizens Investment Services along with your Citizens Bank Personal Checking Account with at least $1,000  and you earn Platinum Benefits including unlimited ATM rebates(reimbursed), bonus CD rates, and special discounts!

1As part of Bounce Protection Citizens Bank will automatically waive overdraft fees on transactions that are $5 or less. Bounce Protection is a special overdraft privilege provided on all personal checking accounts in good standing unless the customer has elected to waive this service. An overdraft fee of $35 will be charged for each item paid using Bounce Protection. This fee will be deducted from the Bounce Protection limit. Transactions that may be covered under the Bounce Protection program and cause a fee to be incurred include: overdrafts created by checks, in person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, Check Card transactions, telephone or Internet transactions or other electronic means. One time ATM and Check Card transactions are not covered under Bounce Protection unless you specifically consent (opt-in) to have these transactions covered. You should make every attempt to bring your account into a positive balance within 15 days. If you are not able to do so, you will receive a letter from Citizens Bank informing you of the situation and your options. If after a period of time, your account has not been brought into a positive balance, we will have no option but to close your account and take other steps to recover funds. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, or you are not making regular deposits, or you have too many overdrafts Some reasons for the return of an item include, but are not limited to: we suspect the item to be fraudulent or used to perpetrate fraud or other illegal activity; your outstanding loans or other obligations with us are in default, past due, or otherwise delinquent; we have been notified that you have declared bankruptcy; the item is not endorsed properly; or your account has remained overdrawn for a period of more than 15 days. Citizens Bank does not encourage overdrawing your account. SIGNIFICANT FEES MAY BE INCURRED

2Subject to approval

3Subject to eligibility. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. Mobile deposit requires a checking account in good standing, active Bank-By-Net online banking and mobile banking, and, our iPhone or Android app. See the Bank-By-Net Online Banking Agreement and Mobile Banking Agreement for terms of service.

5To qualify to be reimbursed for non-Citizens Bank ATM transactions, you must meet the following requirements each statement cycle: (1) Make 12 check card transactions per statement cycle, ATM transactions are excluded (transactions must post to and clear the account during the statement cycle to meet 12 transactions requirement). (2) Receive your monthly statement electronically. Active Bank-By-Net Online Banking required for eStatement.  Please refer to the Bank-By-Net Online Banking Agreement for when this service may be terminated or deactivated and require re-enrollment. (3) Have at least one monthly direct deposit or ACH post and clear each statement cycle. Minimum balance to open is $25. No minimum monthly balance to maintain. At our discretion, we may change the qualification requirements and/or the balance tier on your account at any time. A 30-day notice will be provided for either of these two changes. ATM fees or surcharges are reimbursed at end of statement cycle. 

6Domestic ATM surcharges and ATM fees we impose for up to four (4) transactions are reimbursed at the end of the statement cycle if account conditions are met during the monthly account cycle. If more than four (4) transactions with Domestic ATM surcharges and ATM fees post and clear during a monthly statement cycle, the first two ATM surcharges and ATM fees based on transaction date and time will be reimbursed.  Transactions to conduct balance inquires in which a fee is charged are processed as separate transactions even when completed at the same ATM.

7A service charge fee of $15.00 will be imposed each monthly statement cycle if the minimum daily balance falls below $2,000.00 and the average daily balance falls below $4,000.00 and the minimum daily balance in Combined Balances which include personal checking, savings, certificates of deposit, money markets, IRAs and outstanding personal loans, excluding credit cards and loans secured by real estate falls below $10,000.00.

8 Overdraft Services include: Bounce Protection 1  Overdraft Transfer Service (Link your account to a Citizens Bank savings, checking account, line of credit, or credit card that will be used to cover overdrafts. Transfers occur in increments of $100.  If the overdraft amount on the credit account exceeds the funds available in the debited account, the amount available in the debited account will be transferred.  Also if the amount  in the debited account does not equal or exceed the minimum increment referenced on the front, the amount available in the debited account will be transferred.  Transfer fee of $5.00 applies.)   

9 Accounts must be in good standing. Benefits and qualifications are subject to change. Eligibility determined on a periodic basis. This determination will take place every 3-6 months and customer must meet eligibility requirements at the time of review to receive benefits. Customer will be notified upon activation of Platinum benefits.