Take full control of your Citizens Bank Debit Mastercard®



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 Citizens Bank is helping you make sure your debit card—whether it’s a consumer, business, or a Health Savings card—is secure. MyCardRules™ is an easy-to-use secure mobile app that allows you to decide when, where and who uses your card. You can turn your card off and on, set spending limits, and get alerts for when your card is used, all with just a few easy steps on your mobile device.

You can also use MyCardRules to help your child become accustomed to spending limits and card use. 

With MyCardRules, you can set a wide range of controls and alerts. For example, you can:

  • Turn your debit card on or off
  • Set per transaction spending limits based on your preferences, including dollar amount, transaction type and merchant type
  • Get instant alerts on certain types of transactions
  • Set a specific region where the card can be used or restrict usage based on your location enabled mobile device
  • Set parental controls and monitoring

What is MyCardRules and is it secure?

MyCardRules is an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you set card controls, add restrictions and receive transaction alerts for your Citizens Bank consumer, business, or Health Savings card.  Yes. Managing your Citizens Bank Debit Mastercard with MyCardRules is safe and secure. Your account is password protected and highly encrypted.

How do I get started?

Download the MyCardRules app from either the App Store® or Google Play™.

How much does MyCardRules cost?

It’s free! Depending on your mobile device plan, messaging and/or data rates may apply.  

Can I control my Citizens Bank credit cards with the MyCardRules app?

The Citizens Bank consumer, business and Health Savings Debit MasterCard(s) are the only cards that can be controlled via the MyCardRules application.

Setting up your card

After downloading the MyCardRules app, select New User and then enter your Citizens Bank card information to begin registration. You’ll need to provide:

  • Debit card number
  • Expiration date
  • Security code (found on the back of your card)

Next, you’ll create a username and password. Once your account is created, you can log in and access the Card Details screen. From this screen you’ll be able to:

  • Turn card controls on/off
  • Set controls
  • Manage alert preferences
  • View recent transactions

Have more questions?  Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

After you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store® or Google Play™, simply set up your account and then use the app to set a wide range of controls and alerts. You can:

  • Turn your card on or off
  • Set transaction spending limits based on your preferences, including dollar amount, transaction type and merchant type
  • Get instant alerts on certain types of transactions, like when a transaction is declined
  • Set a specific region where the card can be used, or restrict usage based on your mobile device’s location
  • Set parent controls and monitoring for your child’s debit card

Alerts show up just like any other notifications you receive on your mobile device.

Because you can manage your card transactions all in one place, right from your mobile device. You have complete control of how, when, where and who uses your card. Plus, knowing that you’ve set the rules, restrictions and alerts that meet your specific spending preferences adds another layer of fraud detection and prevention, and gives you added peace of mind.

MyCardRules shows debit card purchases on the day of the transaction, while online banking shows the date the transaction is processed.

At this time, the MyCardRules card controls are accessed only through the MyCardRules app. But stay tuned. We are working on future updates, including making it accessible through our mobile app and website.

Within the Control Preferences screen, tap Spend Limits. On the Spend Control screen, enable “Per Transaction” and enter the amount above which transactions must be denied. Then click “save.” Keep in mind your rules will not overwrite any bank rules related to limits, locations, access and restrictions.

All transactions—except recurring transactions—will be denied.

Should you detect your card is lost or stolen, you can disable transactions through the MyCardRules app.  However to cancel a card, you must either 1) Log into the Citizensbank24 Mobile App: Preferences: Manage Cards:Choose the card by touching circle on right side: Follow prompts to select appropriate card options. OR 2) Log into Bank-By-Net: Options: Manage Cards: Check box in Lost/Stolen Column: Submit OR 3) Contact customer service to report any lost or stolen cards, or suspicious activity at 866-882-2265.

First, you’ll need to ensure your phone’s location feature is set to allow the MyCardRules app to use location tracking. When Location Preference is turned on in the App, in-store transactions at locations that differ significantly from your location will be denied. The App can determine where your phone is located and uses it as an indicator of where you are. An in-store debit card transaction at a location far away from you is likely fraudulent and will be denied. My Location control is an effective method to help deter fraud.

Call Citizens Bank at 866-882-2265. We will turn off your Location preferences so you’re able to use your card. Once your phone is found or replaced, you’ll need to turn on My Location settings again.

Yes. When you receive a new debit card—for whatever reason—you must update your card information in the App. A new expiration date, card number, security code, etc. are all changes that trigger the need to update your information.